UPDATE April 30:

The casting session for May 2-4 is now full.  In the event we do not fill some roles, we will be holding an overflow casting session Sunday May 10 of which is also already full. Thanks so much for the overwhelming interest in Red Pearl.

Jessica and Stacy

Hello Actors!

We are casting several roles for a feature film being produced and shot this summer in Denver and Central City. Character descriptions are posted below.

Here is the synopsis: “An aspiring young fashion designer starting her first job in a new city ends up lonely and uninspired. Struggling to find her place in the world, she becomes involved with unwanted drama.”

Shooting dates for the film are June 8-24, 2014. Pay is negotiable.

The audition will be held Friday May 2, 4-8PM and Saturday May 3, 10-6PM, and Sunday May 4, 1-6PM. The location is 1250 14th Street, Room 815B. Please send the role you would like to audition for, and your preferred time slot to Jessica McGaugh at


The roles available:

1. Julien, Male, Late 20’s, gay, confidant, musician, crass, sarcastic, fun (8 scenes, 4 day shoot)

2. Brenda, Mid 50’s, graying, frumpy, grumpy (4 scenes, 1 VO, 2 day shoot)

3. Dorian, Mid 40’s, large, lazy, friendly, passive, funny (6 scenes, 4 day shoot)

4. Liz, Late 20’s/Early 30’s, metal-head, snotty, insecure, follower (7 scenes, 3 day shoot)

5. Ray, (Female) Early 30’s, African-American, creative, confidant, bold, successful, kind (5 scenes, 2 day shoot)

6. Erin, Early 30’s, hipster, snotty, confident, leader (7 scenes, 3 day shoot)

7. Carlos, Mid-Late 20’s, Hispanic, punk-rocker, gear-head, creative, confident, sexy, flirty (9 scenes, 4 day shoot)

8. Jeff, Mid 20’s, confidant, sexy (2 scenes, 2 day shoot)

9. Rosa, Early 20’s, Hispanic (accent), bold, harsh, controlling, loud (3 scenes, 2 day shoot)

10. Mary, Early 30’s, hipster, creative, fun, friendly, sarcastic, avant-garde (3 scenes, 2 day shoot)

11. Greta, Early 20’s, party-girl, independent, selfish (4 scenes, 1 VO, 2 day shoot)


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