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Hi Red Pearl fans!

Head on over to the Red Pearl Creative District page to preview some cool photos and other information on the movie.  And stay tuned for the OFFICIAL TRAILER which will be up on our new website (in-progress) in just a few short weeks!  Things are moving along swiftly and we expect to be ready to submit to our dream premiere film festival early this winter.  And as always THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING RED PEARL!


Stacy and Jess


We wanna make sure to give a HUGE shout out to all our beautiful Red Pearl Kickstarter Backers.  Special THANKS and LOVE to you all! 

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Production has wrapped!

We are very excited to announce that production for Red Pearl wrapped as of 6/25/2014!  As we enter into the post-production phase of the movie, we are feeling great about the amazing footage we were able to capture thanks to our extremely talented cast and our expertly skilled crew!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported the production phase including all of our beautiful Kickstarter backers as well as our lovely crew and cast who were grossly overworked and embarrassingly underpaid.  We couldn’t have done it without the generosity and hard work of all of you.

In the coming months we will be hard at work getting the film edited, mixed, color-corrected, scored, and eventually mastered so that come summertime 2015  we can share our beautiful new movie with all of you.  In the meantime, please enjoy some behind-the-scenes production photos and a few film stills!


Stacy & Jess


Jessica (J. Boogie), our 2nd AD, and Malcolm, our Runway show MC, greet potential cast members at the auditions.


Waiting on actors with our helpful crew-members Katie, Brandon, and Bella.


Katie, our Assistant Art Director and Prop Master, organizing costumes in the costume shop.


Camera crew Trevr, Director of Photography, and Rylan, Assistant Camera, gearing up on our first shooting day.

IMG_6214 Trevr (DP), Tara (slate, grip), David (Sound Recordist), and Jess (Co-Producer and Co-Director) getting ready to roll.

IMG_6225  Cate the make-up artist beautifying our leading lady Desira (Scarlet).


DITs Josh and Taylor waiting for that beautiful footage to roll in.


First AD John and AC Rylan manning the gear.


Rylan, AC, strutting her stuff on the runway set.


Grip Ian doubling as a pimped out extra in the runway scene.


Fabulous designer/actor Francis Rojas and his co-star Ali Francis (Mary) on the runway set.


Make-up artist Cate and Desira (Scarlet).


Make-up artist Cate and Desira (Scarlet).


One of our proudest moments, wrapping with Mondo Guerra at Beauty Bar.


Cast members Elise (Ray), Sarah (Erin), and Marianne (Liz) at the theater location.


Jenny (Boom & Grip), Trevr (DP) and David (Sound Recordist) ready to roll.


Ryan (Gaffer) and Josh (DIT) waiting for Directors’ orders.


Co-Directors Stacy & Jess planning the next shot.


Rockstar Sam (Slate, Grip, Focus-Puller) livens up the set!


Scarlet (Desira) and Carlos (Matt) meeting for the first time outside the duplex.


Scarlet (Desira) and Carlos (Matt) exuding mucho chemistry!


Megan helped out for a day on slate.


Co-director Stacy working to transform friendly Matt into macho Carlos.


Beautiful Desira (Scarlet) in a pin-up moment inside Carlos’ hot rod.


Jessica (J-Boogie, 2nd AD) and Bella (Grip, Slate) working it out.


Co-directors doin’ their thang on set of the duplex.


The beautiful Iliana (as sassy-pants Rosa) and Titan (as Luis) ready to play the part.


Make-up artist Cate working on William’s (Dorian) noggin.


AD John, Key Grip Brandon, and Grip Ian making a plan.


Happy Directors!


So, the piece of crap says connected to Stick 2658, why the heck is there no image?!?


Trevr (DP) doing a great job manning the camera.


Ryan (Gaffer) lighting through the window.


Sam (Slate) and Brandon (Grip) keeping positive on a late-night shoot.


The first kiss in Carlos’ hot rod.  Trevr (DP), Desira (Scarlet) and Matt (Carlos).


Scarlet (Desira) and Julien (Christian) at Julien’s party location.


James (Bouncer) the stunt coordinator giving an award winning performance!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Lucas, KS production crew braving 100+ degree heat.


Co-director Jess showing her Lucas, KS pride.


Co-director Jess and Sound Recordist David waiting for Scarlet to drive by.


DP Trevr filming I-70 Kansas roadside attractions.


Now that’s just mean!


Trevr (DP) and Ryan (Gaffer) on location at the World Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things, Lucas, KS.


World’s Largest Collection founder and artist Erica on set in a cameo appearance in Lucas, KS.


Scarlet (Desira) taking photos at the World’s Largest Collection, Lucas, KS.


Scarlet (Desira) coming onto an unwilling cowboy at the Grassroots Art Museum, Lucas, KS.


UPDATE April 30:

The casting session for May 2-4 is now full.  In the event we do not fill some roles, we will be holding an overflow casting session Sunday May 10 of which is also already full. Thanks so much for the overwhelming interest in Red Pearl.

Jessica and Stacy

Hello Actors!

We are casting several roles for a feature film being produced and shot this summer in Denver and Central City. Character descriptions are posted below.

Here is the synopsis: “An aspiring young fashion designer starting her first job in a new city ends up lonely and uninspired. Struggling to find her place in the world, she becomes involved with unwanted drama.”

Shooting dates for the film are June 8-24, 2014. Pay is negotiable.

The audition will be held Friday May 2, 4-8PM and Saturday May 3, 10-6PM, and Sunday May 4, 1-6PM. The location is 1250 14th Street, Room 815B. Please send the role you would like to audition for, and your preferred time slot to Jessica McGaugh at


The roles available:

1. Julien, Male, Late 20’s, gay, confidant, musician, crass, sarcastic, fun (8 scenes, 4 day shoot)

2. Brenda, Mid 50’s, graying, frumpy, grumpy (4 scenes, 1 VO, 2 day shoot)

3. Dorian, Mid 40’s, large, lazy, friendly, passive, funny (6 scenes, 4 day shoot)

4. Liz, Late 20’s/Early 30’s, metal-head, snotty, insecure, follower (7 scenes, 3 day shoot)

5. Ray, (Female) Early 30’s, African-American, creative, confidant, bold, successful, kind (5 scenes, 2 day shoot)

6. Erin, Early 30’s, hipster, snotty, confident, leader (7 scenes, 3 day shoot)

7. Carlos, Mid-Late 20’s, Hispanic, punk-rocker, gear-head, creative, confident, sexy, flirty (9 scenes, 4 day shoot)

8. Jeff, Mid 20’s, confidant, sexy (2 scenes, 2 day shoot)

9. Rosa, Early 20’s, Hispanic (accent), bold, harsh, controlling, loud (3 scenes, 2 day shoot)

10. Mary, Early 30’s, hipster, creative, fun, friendly, sarcastic, avant-garde (3 scenes, 2 day shoot)

11. Greta, Early 20’s, party-girl, independent, selfish (4 scenes, 1 VO, 2 day shoot)

Red Pearl Kickstarter is LIVE!!!

Feature filmmaking is very expensive. We are planning to work with a very low budget while maintaining high production value.  That being said, we’ve launched a Kickstarter to help fund our movie, and we’d be greatly indebted to your help!  (click the link to be taken to our Kickstarter page)  Our goal is $6,000… Will $6K cover our entire budget? Heck to the NO. We’d love to raise more, much more, but $6K will get us moving forward as we continue to fundraise and get closer to production. Here is how we will be spending the money more specifically:

$1,500 SAG/AFTRA Actor Fee

$500 Travel funds for Lead SAG/AFTRA Actor

$1,200 Additional primary cast Actor Fees

$800 Production Insurance

$1,000 Production Audio Recordist/Engineer

$1,000 Lens’, Dolly Track, Car Mount Rental

Kickstarter Total $6,000

Additional costs included in our production budget but not within our immediate Kickstarter goal:

$2,000 Director of Photography Fee

$500 Hair and Make-Up Stylist

$300 Desira Pesta mini-collection materials & labor

$800 Overnight shoot in Lucas, KS

$600 Props, set dressing, make-up & hair supplies

$200 Grip truck gas & parking

$500 Fashion Show scaffolding, chairs, DJ, etc.

$2,000 Hard drives for media storage

$150 Expendables

Additional Production Budget Total $7,050

And this doesn’t even including our post-production budgetary needs!

Other Ways to Support the Film

If you are unable or unwilling to give cash, and want to help see the film go further, there is plenty you can do to support Red Pearl. We need to feed the crew for over 2 weeks, so in-kind donations of food would be helpful, either in the form of paying for or providing local catering, or through gift cards from Costco, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. We are also in search of donations including sewing busts, fabric, and event chairs and risers, just to name a few. Additionally, we are in need of the temporary use of 2 custom cars: an old, beaten-up pick-up truck, and a work-in-progress, classic, detailed convertible.

Another way you can support Red Pearl is to host a screening of the film in your community. We want the world to see our movie!

Thank you so much for your interest and support in our project, Red Pearl. You are giving us an opportunity to follow our dreams and to advance us to the next important stage in our filmmaking careers!


Jess and Stacy